His love for clothing and fashion started at a very young age, when he would match and pick out his own clothes. Grant, the master tailor at Frank Bespoke, is truly one-of-a-kind. His love and passion for tailoring is almost tangible.

Coming from humble beginnings, it was commonplace for Grant to get his clothes from a thrift shop and make small alterations to give them his own flavour- always making him the best dressed amongst his peers. His circumstances inspired him and gave him a reason to seek greatness. The seed was planted!

Tailoring is not simply a profession for Grant, but is an extension of himself and creating each garment is one unique experience after the other.

Grant has a presence that cannot be replicated. Time with him feels like time spent with an old friend. He has a great passion for anything craft, be it beer, food or artisanal bakery, and especially if it is local. Don’t try convince him on anything mass produced! Most likely to be found wearing ankle-length trousers with bright socks. He has an intense love for café racer motorcycles, vintage cars, architecture and contemporary, abstract art.


12 4th Avenue
079 0159 623